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Financial Planning

Financial planning is all about preplanning.

The only thing certain in life is uncertainty. When you have a mild fever, you will most likely self prescribe a medicine. When it persists you may ask the local pharmacist to prescribe something stronger. But if it continues and other complications start arising you will go to a doctor. Maybe if you had gone to the doctor in the first place, instead of being unwell for 10 days you might have gotten better in 5. Seeking the advice and services of a Financial Planner and a certified one at that is just the same. But people still seek advice from the pharmacist equivalent broker, or a friend or a colleague for their hard earned money which may prove disastrous.

Most young professionals today do not plan their finances - some because of a lack of awareness about its benefits, others because of their belief that they do not require it at the initial stage of their careers and some others because it may be expensive for them now. The sooner you start investing, the more time your money will have to grow - pure and simple "compounding" or the "snowball effect" on your money.

How can a Financial Advisor help you?
r He plans after considering your long-term and your short-term goals.
r He recommends products that suit your needs and forces you to invest money rather than spending it on weekend shopping.
r He pushes you for that much needed insurance cover that you have been procrastinating for so long.
r He does not sell every product that is available in the market and at times even discourages you to buy a product, which seems attractive to you because it does not suit your appetite or portfolio.
You will see the benefit of his advice on your portfolio and also on your understanding of your finances and needs.
Now, let’s start with a few basic questions……
r Do you know what the real value of all your investments is? Real value being the proceeds minus inflation minus tax.
r Are your savings/Investments fetching you sufficient returns to meet your goals?
r Are you taking full advantage of the tax exemptions available to you?
r How long your dependents can maintain current lifestyle, if something happens to you?
r And does your cover include the home loan you have taken?
r Can you maintain a lifestyle you have been accustomed to, if you go on a sabbatical /retirement?
r Does your retirement fund take into account the increased medical expenses you are likely to have in your advanced years?
If you don’t have answers to these questions, you need a proper financial planning.

Etica Wealth Management offers world class Client driven financial planning and wealth management consultancy at your door step. We provide an excellent platform for financial planning that helps you realize your financial needs, goals and objectives in totality or specific financial requirements. Plans for Specific Financial Requirements would include Investment Planning, Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning and Estate Planning.
Basic Services provided to clients under our investment advisory services are as follows:

r Recommendations of entry & exit based on detailed research and analysis of the market, economy and individual funds, schemes.
r Periodic review and restructuring of portfolio in response to client needs and market dynamics.
r Recommendations on insurance policies best suited to client requirements and needs.
r Operational assistance and execution in terms of insurance policies - premium reminders, pick-up of cheques.
r Dedicated support system for all queries, transactions and any kind of assistance.

Our Charges - The charges for workshop will depend on the workshop duration and how much customization is required.

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