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Advisory Fees & Commissions


If you have both knowledge & time, then you do not require a financial advisor. However, if you do not have any one of these, then hire someone to do it for you - and be willing to pay for the service. Most of us at some point have something in our body that needs fixing and we happily pay a doctor to do so, but we hesitate to pay someone to help fix the financial mismatch most of us are born with.

In an industry criticised for lack of remuneration clarity, Etica Wealth Management strives for total transparency of its charging structure. Pls refer below our Advisory fees structure and disclosure of commission from various service providers.

Direct Equity / Commodities / Currency

The Brokerage charges as agreed with the client.

Mutual Funds

r Lumpsum / STP investment: 1% of the investible amount one time only. Every incremental investment will also be charged the same fees. The fee is applicable on Balanced and Equity Funds. Debt Mutual Fund schemes are excluded. However, Advisory fee will be applicable from Debt Fund to Balanced / Equity Fund switches but not vice versa. Also if the amount is redeemed and then re-invested, advisory fee will be applicable again.

r SIP Investment: 1.5% of the monthly SIP amount for the first 12 installments even if the SIP registration is for a longer duration: For ex – if SIP amount is Rs 10,000 for 5 years period, we will charge Rs 1,800 (Rs 10,000 * 12 months * 1.5%) one time upfront payment.

r There will be no transaction charges for service requests.

r Apart from advisory fees , we receive commissions / incentives directly from the manufacturer. This is mentioned below Life Insurance Commission received from the service provider / One time Advisory fee of 50% of the First year Premium amount in the case of online Term policy. General Insurance Commission received from the service provider / One time Advisory fee of 50% of the First year Premium amount in the case of online policy. Corporate Fixed Deposits / Tax free Bonds / Infrastructure Bonds Commission received from the service provider (0.15% - 1.5%).

1) Commissions received from Mutual Fund Companies.

r           Debt Funds (Upfront commission : 0% - 1%, Trial commission : 0% - 1%).

r           Balanced / Equity Funds: (Upfront commission : 0% - 1%, Trial commission : 0% - 1.10%).

r          Please note this is just a range and actual commission recd will vary from fund house to fund house. All              the commission received from the respective product providers shall be disclosed to the client upon              request.

2) The commission from the respective product will in no way be influential in the advisory making process. Infact strong emphasis is given to the lowest cost provider considering all other things equal.

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