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There is a growing interest among investors in commodities, which as an asset class can offer opportunities to fine-tune a portfolio’s risk and return characteristics. The commodities asset class has experienced strong growth in recent years. The low correlation to financial assets, equity-type returns and risk characteristics offered by commodities offer investors a means to diversify their portfolios. Etica Wealth offers one of the best trading solutions to individual clients wanting to trade in commodities through its tie-up with Sharekhan, one of India’s leading commodities broker. This association enables client to trade in any commodity futures, listed on the national commodity exchanges, with a slew of value-added services attached to it at no extra cost.

As a client of Etica Wealth, you benefit from the following services provided by Sharekhan:

r In-depth research on commodities of your interest .
r Exclusive research chat for market updates and research calls.
r SMS services for intra-day technical calls.
r Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports on commodity complex.
r Centralized dealing and operations desk.
r Efficient risk management systems.
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